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 A Natural History of North Central Texas
Urban/Suburban Wildlife
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Habitat Resources

Gardening Tips for Your back Yard Habitat
By providing food, water, cover, and places for wildlife to raise their young, backyard gardeners can make a difference.

Texas Wildscape Certification for your Backyard!  Best of Backyard Habitats Brochure and get a FREE Interactive Wildscapes DVD

Texas Environmental Almanac - Wildlife
The Texas Environmental Almanac provides current and historical facts, explanatory figures, and legislative information on the current condition of Texas water, land, and air, as well as the status of the state's energy use and waste generation.
Other TCPS Documents
Alliance for a Clean Texas

Synurbization is the adaptation of animal wildlife to urban development.
A definition by Texas Parks and Wildlife.
The term “synurbization” denotes more precisely the phenomenon of the adjustment of animal populations to the urban environment than the term “urbanization,” which should be applied to changes in the landscape caused by urban development.

Wildlife and Wildlife Damage Control Management
A large collection of on-topic research.  Here is a site for Wildlife Damage Management

Guidelines for Bird Habitats in North Texas
A variety of habitat building and restoration techniques for settings in urban, suburban, and rural regions of Texas. Special Conservation Detail for the region from the USGS.

Urban Wildlife and People
Angela Dement, a Texas Cooperative Extension assistant, discusses wildlife diseases in Dallas. Dement was a presenter at the Managing Urban Wildlife conference held recently at the Texas A&M University System Research and Extension Center in Dallas.

Crosstimbers Wildlife Biologists Contacts

Post Oak Wildlife Biologists Contacts

Wildlife in your Yard (TAMU)
Pointers for attracting wildlife to your backyard. (text file)

Lake Big Fish
A local application of the above program in Plano, Texas.

Native Prairie Assoc. of Texas
NPAT is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the conservation, restoration, and appreciation of native prairies in Texas.

Habitat of the Texas Blackland Prairies
Biome: Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands. Size: 19,400 square miles (50,300 square kilometers) -- about twice the size of Maryland. Conservation Status: Critical/Endangered.

Schoolyard Habitat by NWF
Nature fun and education for school and home gets the kids outdoors to learn about our world.


Wildlife Habitat Restored
Wildlife Habitat, successful case studies where land restoration programs have returned once lost natural habitats

Hummingbird Gardens - Herbs and Flowers for Hummingbirds - For those who enjoy bird-watching or gardening, there is a plentitude of herbs and plants that attract hummingbirds.

Backyard Conservation
Backyard Conservation shows you how conservation practices that are used on agricultural land across the country to conserve and improve natural resources can be adapted for use on the land around your home. See the Backyard Conservation News and Features for conservation tips to teach your children and yourself using your backyard as a laboratory.

Wild Bird Feeding Preferences
A listing of favorite foods for the more common birds that frequent your backyard bird feeders.

Gardening to Attract Wild Birds, Butterflies & Hummingbirds
Turn a barren landscape into a miniature universe bursting with life. Look through the rest of this web site. it's a wealth of information. But something while your there. It's top-notch stuff. Can't find better anywhere.

Backyard Birding
How and what to feed the birds, or how large to make the entry hole on a bluebird box, or which shrubs and flowers to plant to attract birds. There are also yard lists and journals from backyard birders, and links to other web sites of interest.

Build A Birdhouse
How-to guide for birdhouse construction for a variety of our regional species.

NWF Schoolyard Habitat
Schoolyard Habitats invites students, teachers, administrators, and the surrounding community to become involved in the life sustaining process of growing, caring for, and learning from a habitat on a school campus.

Nature, Close to Home
The definition of a naturalist is "a person who is versed in or devoted to natural history, esp. a zoologist or botanist." (Random House). A naturalist's facts are presented best using the skills of a storyteller.

NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
If you are interested in knowing more about what steps you can take to help America's wildlife in your own yard, school, campus, and throughout your community, you've clicked to the right place.

Wildlife Gardening - Wildscapes Site
Texas Wildscapes is a habitat restoration plan for rural and urban areas. Now you can contribute to wildlife conservation by developing wildlife habitats where you live or work. What a great way to lend a helping hand to wildlife conservation!

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Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Animal Connections of Texas
Animal Connection of Texas (ACT) is dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering. Want to find out more about our organization? E-mail (act@animalconnectiontx.org) or write us at the address below to receive our bimonthly newsletter and membership information or call the info-line at 214-373-7867.

List of Local Rehabilitators and Brief Statement of What to Do If You Find an Injured Animal
Excellent information sponsored by Animal Connections of Texas.

Feral Friends
That cute little kitty is killing our urban/suburban wildlife. So will thousands of his kittens.

Animal Shelter Phone List
Animal Friends & Calendar - If you want to find out what's going on in the Metroplex area, or how to contact pet-related organizations, agencies, and shelters, this is the place. Sponsored and produced by City + Country Pets Magazine, and your connection to pets, people and places in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Wildcare, Inc.
WildCare is a non-profit organization of volunteers in Fort Worth trained and licensed to care for ill, injured, or orphaned wildlife until they recover and have grown to an age where they can take care of themselves. They are then released back into the wild in an appropriate location. We operate solely from donations and the generosity of our members.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit wildlife organization whose purpose is to provide care and rehabilitation to injured, sick and orphaned birds with the goal of returning them to their natural environment.

Bat World Lone Star (Sanctuary)
Bat World Lone Star is dedicated to saving bats through educational programs and by providing rescue in the north Texas area.

Urban Wildlife in DFW - What Do I Do?
DFW Wildlife Coalition Listing by animal.


Wildlife Rehabilitation On-line

Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory

Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation [PDF Document]
This is a cooperative effort that represents the most current knowledge, expertise and techniques in the field. It is a reflection of what has been learned collectively and successfully applied over the last three decades. These Minimum Standards are based on accepted norms in biology, medicine, behavior, natural history and, of course, wildlife rehabilitation. The information pertains to all who rehabilitate wildlife, regardless of numbers and types of wildlife cared for, budget size, number of paid or volunteer staff and size and location of activity. This document is free for download. Please note the copyright requirements on Page 2. If you would prefer the book version of this document, please contact the NWRA or IWRC offices to place an order.

The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA)
The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) is dedicated to improving and promoting the profession of wildlife rehabilitation and its contributions to preserving natural ecosystems.

DFW Wildlife Coalition
Wildlife Species: raccoons (any age, any condition) all Texas native mammals--any age/condition

This is the home of Rascal's Retreat that specializes in Texas native mammals located on 80 acres in the piney woods of East Texas. Our facility provides a natural setting for the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife. We provide soft re-introduction on-site or at nearby state parks.

Contact information: on-site 903.884.3739 or mobile 214.505.7619. prudi.koeninger@gmail.com
Service area is DFW Metroplex and northeast Texas. For immediate assistance in the DFW area please contact the DFW Wildlife Coalition hotline at 972.234.9453. Hotline operates 365 days from 7 am to 10 pm.

The volunteer operated non-profit provides referrals for wildlife rehabilitation, re-uniting of orphaned wildlife, wildlife conflict resolutions and reporting system for coyotes and bobcats with the local TPWD urban biologist. Volunteers are trained in natural history of wildlife.

The individual listings for local rehabilitators that used to be here have been removed. They can all be found in group listings above.


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Urban Forestry/Plant Life

Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council
To promote programs in 17 county region surrounding Fort Worth to increase interest in urban and community forestry

Dallas Tree Blog
Welcome to Phil Erwin's personal blog on Dallas tree issues and concerns. This site is geared to INFORM its readers of some of the tools and procedures available for developing in the city.

Dallas Urban Forestry Advisory Committee
The Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) will serve in an advisory capacity on matters of environmental stewardship, specifically concerning the care and planting of trees and the urban forest by advocating sound arboricultural and urban forest management practices

Texas Tree Trails
The mission of the Texas Tree Trails program is to find, locate, recognize, measure, photograph and gather data on all significant trees in or near the DFW area. Our aim is to educate the public by showcasing the importance of these botanical, historical and cultural treasures and to preserve their presence for future generations.

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council
The TBUFC's function is to promote the protection and development of urban forest resources in Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties.

Benny Simpson's Texas Native Trees
The Texas Natives Web site was created by Wayne Mackay and Dan Lineberger, Texas A&M Agriculture Program, and Leslie Finical, Dallas Arboretum.

Texas Forest Service
The Texas Forest Service is the state agency charged by law to "assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the state."

Recommended Landscape Plants for North Central Texas
Recommended Landscape Plant Materials for North Central Texas; Prepared by Dr. Steven George, Ag Extension Horticulturist.

City of Dallas Arborist Page
Answering your questions about Article X, of the Dallas Development Code, The Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance in Dallas.

Local suburban area urban forestry and arborist departments. Irving suburban forestry. City of Arlington Forestry, Fort Worth Forestry Home Page, City of Plano Urban Forestry, Flower Mound Urban Forestry

The Texas Trees Foundation The core mission of the Texas Trees Foundation is to preserve, beautify and expand parks and other public natural green spaces in a six county area surrounding the City of Dallas.

The Dallas Historic Tree Coalition We work with individuals and organizations throughout the Metroplex to promote wise and responsible stewardship of urban forest resources.

Plano Parks Foundation The mission of the Parks Foundation is to preserve, protect, promote, and enhance the natural beauty and open spaces of Plano.

Oak Wilt Information Page
A management program has been developed as a partnership with the Research and Extension faculty at Texas A&M University. This program involves the use of cultural and chemical controls.

Vegetative Zone Map of North Texas
Each month longtime Native Plant Society Member and local naturalist, Jeff Quayle, reports on new discoveries or sightings, what's in bloom, and where to find it, while sharing his own observations and tips on Texas' native plants. (Texas Native Plant Society)

North Central Texas Native Plant Society of Texas
The Native Plant Society of Texas is a nonprofit organization with goals to educate, promote, conserve, and utilize native plants and their habitats in Texas.

USDA Southern Forest Service System News Page


The Urban Forestry Manual
The Urban Forestry Manual is being developed by the USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, the Southern Research Station, and the Southern Group of State Foresters as an educational tool for State forestry agency employees and others who work with communities on urban forestry issues.
It can be used for self-guided learning, finding specific information on a topic and developing workshops and presentations. There will be 16 units (chapters) in the Manual when completed. Currently 10 units are available and units will be added as they become available.

TreeLink -- The Community Forestry Resource
Welcome to TreeLink! This site was created to provide information, research, and networking for people working in urban and community forestry. For the researcher, the arborist, the community group leader and the volunteer. Our purpose is to inform, educate and inspire.

Interface South - Human Influences on Forest Ecosystems
Interface South was developed by the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and Southern Region to heighten awareness of wildland-urban interface issues. It also addresses the growing need for information and tools by natural resource professionals, private landowners, homeowners and others affected by the changes occurring in southern forests.

Southern Urban Forestry Associates
The Southern Tree Care Information Center.

The Backyard Forest
We are restoring over 1/2 of our back yard with native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. I have pictures and descriptions of the plants, a gardening notebook to keep track of the changes, and links to other green or gardening related pages.

Urban Forestry - Forestry Net Links
Welcome to the Forestry Site! If you own or expect to inherit forest land, manage the forest land of others, or are otherwise interested in forestry -- this is the place to be.

Urban Forestry Bibliography (MSU)
The data base contains citations related to urban forestry. PLEASE NOTE - MSU provides this list as a bibliography only.

Southern Urban Forestry Associates
Southern Urban Forestry Associates can provide a wide range of tree care activities for your residential or commercial property. From recommendations on suitable trees and shrubs to provision of testimony in court cases to diagnosing and treating tree-related insect and disease problems, SUFA's arborists provide personalized and professional service you can depend on.

Dr. Shigo, Tree Systems
He has studied trees in many countries. His research yielded 270 publications and he has received many honors and awards. He believes that we must help trees by helping the people who work with trees by providing sound educational programs based on research.
Tribute to Alex Shigo

National Assoc. of Arborists
The NAA is a trade association of commercial tree care firms, established in 1938. Our association develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice, and management information for arboriculture firms around the world.

Society of Municipal Arborists Professional Association
Promotes and improves the practice of professional municipal arboriculture. Stimulates greater interest in the planting and presentation of shade trees and landscape plants Promotes public awareness of the beautification of urban areas through proper arboriculture practices.

The Knot Hole - Arboricultural Forum
A on-line forum for discussion of arboricultural issues.

This site was created to provide information, research, and networking for people working in urban and community forestry.

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Urban Ecology/Sustainability

The Arlington Conservation Council
is an environmental non-profit organization involved with conservation efforts in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our mission is to promote environmental awareness and conservation of Arlington’s natural resources. Our focus is narrow, but our needs are great — and growing fast as we recognize the need to live in a sustainable culture.

Texas Society for Ecological Restoration
Texas SER is the Texas chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, a non-profit international organization committed to the repair and sustainable maintenance of ecosystems. Texas SER is made up of researchers, practitioners, growers, land managers and teachers from across the state. We have joined together to attempt to ensure the long-term survival of native and endemic ecotypes, and promote a sustainable human culture which can involve itself intelligently and productively with these systems.

The Texas Environmental Center
The Texas Environmental Center (TEC) is a non-profit organization that produces Web and CD-ROM-based environmental programs. TEC has been a pioneer in the use of the Internet since 1991, and developed one of the first online libraries in a partnership with Rice University.

Earthshots: Satellite Images of Dallas County
These images show the urban/suburban areas expanding into arable land in the countryside.

Urban Entomology TAMU
This electronic text is provided to the educational community and the public as a resource on information pertaining to the types of pests which may be found in the urban environment and home.


Urban Parks On-line
Idea, information, and models for urban parks. You can design and build your own urban park.

The Center for Urban Ecology
The Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) in Washington, D.C. consists of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and technicians dedicated to developing a better understanding of the ecology of landscapes that have been influenced by human activities. Resource management issues of human-dominated landscapes are identified and defined and research conducted with the objective of providing data that will lead to sustaining or restoring ecological values. Research program areas include: site evaluation; soils and soil compaction; turf management and organic waste recycling; hydrology and aquatic resources; plant health and integrated pest management; wildland ecology and exotic plant management; and urban wildlife.

Urban Environmental Management
The WWW Virtual Library of Urban Environmental Management, a comprehensive resource for determining urban environmental strategies.

Human Dimensions of Urban and Community Forestry
Center for Urban Horticulture - Effective management of urban natural resources depends on understanding the values and perceptions that people have regarding the natural world.


Forestry Degree dot Net is dedicated to helping you find your path to success in the forestry profession. Forestry is a growing field with many options for skilled and talented prospects, so take advantage of the opportunity to explore different programs and career options.

Sustainability Degrees is a site where you can find the following topical details:
  • Careers in Sustainability
  • Types of Degrees
  • What is Sustainability
  • Sustainability Articles
  • Advice for College Students
Take the first step into a more sustainable future with a sustainability degree from leading colleges and universities. Whether you're interested in science, design, business, public policy, or technology, these degrees offer the skills and knowledge you'll need to start your career in sustainability. Choose your path to learn about degrees that will teach you how to lead the world in sustainability.

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