Kodak Infrared Film

Kodak F3
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All Photos were taken in the North Central Texas area by the author using Kodak HIE black and white infrared film, a Nikon F3 with a 28-70mm F/2.8-5.6 Tamron zoom lens and a Wratten #87 IR band-pass filter in a Cokin adapter at various ASA speeds. Most shot at f/8 at 1/60 to 1/8 sec. All photographs were hand processed. Negatives were scanned on a Microtek ScanMaker 8700 Pro.
(All photos copyrighted © Doug G. Pierson.)
Vapor Clouds
Cottonwood Glen
Fallen Tree
The Rift
Prairie Galaxy
Myst Valley
Let There Be Light
Ethereal Framework
Monk's Pond
Mesquite Tarn
Water's Edge
Mystical Pond
Life Cut Short
Castor and Pollux

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