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 A Natural History of North Central Texas
Regional Peoples
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Indian Nations of Tejas

Indigenous Peoples of North Central Texas

The North Central Texas region including the Dallas Ft. Worth area was a mixed buffer zone that no one tribe ever really claimed. The Wichita, Comanche, Caddo, Cherokee and other smaller tribes all camped in and passed through this area. The Kiowa roamed over most of the Comanche territory. Our region was not particularly known as home to any one tribe or band but was used as a series of highways (trails) to get from one region to another - just as it is today


The Caddo

Caddo Nation Flag


The Comanche Nation

Commanche Nation Flag


Kiowa (Google Search group)

Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Kiowa Business Committee
Billy Evans Horse, Chairperson
P.O. Box 369
Carnegie, OK 73015
Tel# (405) 654-2300, Fax# (405) 654-2188


The Tejas



The Wichita

Wichita and Affiliated Nations Seal

The Delaware


The Texas Band of Yaqui

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Caddo Cultures in Texas

The Handbook of Texas - Caddo Indians

Kiwat Hasinay Foundation, Caddo Language/Oral Traditions

History of The Caddo Indians

Encyclopedia of North American Indians - Caddo

Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo



Comanche History Part I

Comanche History Part II

The Handbook of Texas - Comanche Indians

Comanche History and Culture - year-by-year timeline

The Texas Comanche (Texas Indians)

The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee



The Jumano Indians

Jumano Indians, Texas Handbook Online



The Texas Kiowa

The Handbook of Texas - Kiowa Indians

Kiowa History, Kiowa Art





Tonkawa. Waco and Tonkawa Indians and a host of others that called Texas home for a while typically because they either left the reservations or never went in the first place.



The Handbook of Texas - Wichita Indians

The Wichita Indians (Texas Indians)

Wichita Confederacy


Native American Times - Today's Independent Indian News

The American Indian Studies Research Institute

Texas Indians This web site is written for kids in the fourth grade to the eighth grade. It is not really for adults but, adults could learn quite a lot by reading it.

Native-American Tribes of Texas

Native Web

The National Congress of American Indians

El Centro's Texas Indian Page [great resource]

Indigenous People's - Welker's Bookmarks


Brief History of Native Peoples

Texas Historical Commission

Texas History and Culture

Ethnologists have identified hundreds of groups of Texas "Indians," as the first European explorers to arrive called the peoples they found. Some of these were true tribes, accumulations of families or clans with social customs, traditions, and rules for order; these were occasionally quite large. At the opposite extreme, some were merely small family groups whose names or ethnic designations were taken for "tribal" names by the Spanish and French and in subsequent secondary literature. The extant names of Texas Indian groups present a dazzling array of variants, partly because the Spanish, French, and English heard the newly "discovered" peoples differently and recorded their names differently. Some names in the historical records are mistakes for groups that never existed.

See the array of names given to the INDIAN TRIBES OF TEXAS

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