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What is NHNCT?

A Natural History of North Central Texas (NHNCT) is a collection of links, data and original content intended for the study and appreciation of the natural world of North Central Texas.

I started in 1996 with a series of links and geographical information to help me find natural areas for wildlife photography. In that process, I found a gap in on-line resources for nature and wildlife of  the North Texas region. I've attempted to fill the gap by researching and assembling resources for our region. Over a few years this information evolved into NHNCT. These pages will always be a work in progress as sources come and go. I'll attempt to keep the links current and will eventually add more original content (photographs and text) as time allows. Enjoy the site.

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All information, data and text (except for my photographs) are free for the responsible public to use for educational purposes, unless otherwise noted. Please include a citation and a link back to this web site []. No information may be used for commercial purposes. All photographs taken by the author are copyrighted material. Permission may be granted to use them for educational purposes by submitting a written request to the author.

All researched resources used in the making of NHNCT are either public domain information or material used by permission from the document owner(s). Many links on the pages of NHNCT are mutually shared.

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