Geologic Time Scale With Links To Paleomaps

Phanerozoic| Cenozoic | Quaternary Holocene 0-2 Mammals Humans
Tertiary| Neogene  | Pliocene 2-5
Miocene 5-24
Paleogene| Oligocene 24-37
Eocene 37-58
Paleocene 58-66 Extinction of dinosaurs
Mesozoic Cretaceous 66-144 Reptiles Flowering plants
Jurassic 144-208 1st birds/mammals
Triassic 208-245 First Dinosaurs
Paleozoic |Permian 245-286| Amphibians End of trilobites
Carboniferous| Pennsylvanian 286-320 First reptiles
Mississippian 320-360 Large primitive trees
Devonian 360-408| Fishes First amphibians
Silurian 408-438 First land plant fossils
Ordovician 438-505| Invertebrates| First Fish
Cambrian 505-570 1st shells, trilobites dominant
Proterozoic | Also known as Precambrian 570-2,500 1st Multicelled organisms
Archean 2,500-3,800 1st one-celled organisms
Hadean 3,800-4,600 Approx age of oldest rocks 3,800

* Note: Dates are in millions of years

Taken from: MODERN PHYSICAL GEOLOGY, Graham R. Thompson Ph.D., Jonathan Turk Ph.D., Saunders College Publishing.

Links lead to period paleomaps created by Chrisopher R. Scotese for the Paleomap Project. The project illustrates the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years. All links open into a new window.