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Where Did The Maps Go?

I removed them. The locations were getting over run with amateur collectors totally bereft of any kind site etiquette or respect for private property. I received an email from a land owner that people looking for fossils were digging gaping holes on private property with no intentions of filling them. Others have done the same and left a barren moonscape after destroying the local flora making the area ripe for increased erosion and decreasing the property values. This type of activity gives all avid fossil hunters a bad name.

Those that are serious about the local geology, paleontology and proper localities for hunting for specific fossil types will know how to search the wonderful resources we now have on the web (some of which are presented on this web site) and as such no longer need these type of map hints.

As an alternative you may want to go to the site North Texas Fossils. The forum pages have the best fossil discussion for Texas IMHO.

Site Remediation

If you do go out to remote location for a fossil hunt please make sure you have the proper permissions if the locality is not on public land. If on public land, please be aware of the rules for collecting from the governing jurisdiction. it is illegal to collect fossils in state parks in Texas for instance. Collect from the surface - don't dig unless you own the land or have a remediation plan established. The US Dept of the Interior has established federal laws with incredibly stiff penalties for illegal (according to the laws they have established) collecting, digging and site damage. There are several legal implications involved here. If you make a mess, clean it up. There is an excellent resource from the science of archeology for site remediation which also applies here. When you leave the site, make sure it looks like you were never there. All the rest of us are depending on you as you are depending on us.

- Doug Pierson Sept 2011