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    Monarch Migration in Texas

Millions of monarch butterflies annually pass through Texas on their way to Mexico with Dallas on the eastern edge of their migration route. Even on a bad year 60 million pass through the state during late summer and early autumn. Late September should be the optimum time for monarch viewing in North Central Texas. In 1996 an estimated 300 million of the bright orange and black butterflies migrated through Texas. Experts say this year may eclipse those totals with far greater numbers. The increase in monarchs is attributed to the mild summer which produced a bumper crop of milkweed - the monarch's favorite food.

Volunteer to Count Monarchs
The Monarch Watch Program (an educational outreach program at the University of Kansas) enlists volunteers to monitor the annual monarch migration. You can get involved, contact via phone (1-888-TAGGING), web site () or E-mail (monarch@ku.edu). The Monarch Watch Tagging Kit (sent just prior to the fall migration each year) contains tags, a PreMigration Newsletter, a datasheet and complete instructions. More information with the Keep Texas Wild TPWD kids programs is available with a lot of Monarch info to keep the Monarch Mania alive the year around.

-Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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