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 A Natural History of North Central Texas
Plant Life
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DFW Tree Tree ID Guide
Trees of Our region identified by looking at the leaves. Written by on of our own regional foresters.

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Region Tree Cover
Information gathered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service every five years provides data on regional tree cover.

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council (TBUFC)
The TBUFC's function is to promote the protection and development of urban forest resources in Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties.

Dallas Historic Tree Coalition
The DHTC is the prime regional supporter and the main activist that fights at city hall for the rights of our trees. They also maintain a list of historically significant trees for our region to be featured by Texas Tree Trails.

Texas Native Trees
The Texas Natives Web site was created by Wayne Mackay and Dan Lineberger, Texas A&M Agriculture Program, and Leslie Finical, Dallas Arboretum.

Texas Native Shrubs Benny Simpson's New Website!
The Texas Natives Web site was created by Gail Kahle, Susan Teegardin, Wayne Mackay or Dan Lineberger, Texas A&M Agriculture Program, Dallas Arboretum.

Texas Forest Service
The Texas Forest Service is the state agency charged by law to "assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the state."

Texas Forest Service Stories
News and press releases from the Texas Forest Service.

The Texas State Tree
A page dedicated to the state tree of Texas; the Pecan.

Texas Ornamentals
Recommended ornamental trees and shrubs for the Texas landscape. Compiled by Dr. Bill Welch, Texas Agriculture Extension Service.

Texas Fruit and Nut Trees
Recommended fruit and nut bearing trees for the Texas landscape. Compiled by the Texas Agriculture Extension Service.

Champion Trees of the DFW Metroplex
Champion Trees of the Metroplex. Sponsored by the Texas Forest Service, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council, Crosstimbers Urban Forestry Council and the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition. Texas Tree Trails is a non-profit group supporting the conservation and preservation of our local trees.

Texas Forestry Association
The Texas Forestry Association is an association of forest-minded landowners, businesses and professionals offering programs for Texans interested in conservation, business, history, education, and wildlife, forming a continuous bond of dedication, service and support to the forest lands of Texas.

Oak Wilt Information Pages
Within these pages you will find an array of oak wilt resources including everything from oak wilt biology to diagnosis, treatment, and management. Oak Wilt Report for North Central Texas Oak Wilt in North Texas, a special report from the Regional Office of the Texas Forest Service ... Courtney Blevins, TFS.

TFS Statement on Oak Wilt Treatment
A "semiofficial" position statement from the Texas Forest Service on oak wilt by the TFS forester in Kerrville and Dr. Appel.  [PDF file]


Society of American Foresters
The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States.

SmokeySmokey Bear Smokey's Home on the Web.

eNature - Tree Selection By Leaf Type
Select a type of tree leaf, and find info on the tree. An eNature guide series presentation.

The American Tree Farm System
The Tree Farm System mission is: to promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.

The Forests and Forest Economy of Texas [144k PDF file]
This Chart Book is a summary of salient facts about the forests and the business of forests in Texas. The purpose is to give the reader an overview of forestry resources and the forest products manufacturing sector in the state. For perspective, the performance of the Texas forestry sector is compared to that of other southern states.

Interactive Tree Identifier
Educational tree identification system sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

680 Tree Fact Sheets - Common Name List
This fabulous resource is sponsored by the University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Department. All fact sheets are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

National Register of Big Trees
The national list of champion trees.

State Register of Big Trees

DFW Register of Big Trees

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Native Plants/Horticulture

Texas Smartscape for North Central Texas
Smart Gardening for North Central Texas. Texas SmartScapeTM is a tool to help homeowners create beautiful yards that require less water, pesticides and fertilizer to thrive using native species.

Plants of North Central Texas
Database of Scientific Names of Species and Subspecific Taxa (varieties and subspecies) From Shinners & Mahler's Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas. You may purchase a copy of the flora on-line.

Vegetative Zone Map of North Texas
Each month longtime Native Plant Society Member and local naturalist, Jeff Quayle, reports on new discoveries or sightings, what's in bloom, and where to find it, while sharing his own observations and tips on Texas' native plants. (Texas Native Plant Society)

Weeds of the Northern Blackland Prairie
Welcome! If you live in North Central Texas, which is located on the Blackland Prairie, and need to have a grassy weed identified, you've come to the right place.

Recommended Landscape Plants for North Central Texas
Recommended Landscape Plant Materials for North Central Texas; Prepared by Dr. Steven George, Ag Extension Horticulturist.

What To Plant and When in North Central and Central Texas 1 2
This information is intended for use by County Agents and Master Gardeners in Texas Agricultural Extension Districts 3, 4, 7, and 8 covering north central and much of central Texas.

Know Your Grasses in North Central Texas
A complete list of Texas grass species with sketches and descriptions. Grass Images

The Mints of Texas
A large family of about 3,500 species in 180 genera of worldwide distribution. The typically aromatic plants provide many herbs used as condiments.

Texas Toxic Plant Database
Knowing how to recognize toxic plants and the symptoms they cause is the first step in preventing poisonings. This database contains the: pictures, descriptions, information on distribution and habitat, information on the toxic agent, symptoms of poisonings, and information on Integrated Toxic Plant Management for each toxic plant.

TAMU Vascular Plant Image Gallery
A repository of over 8,800 plant images developed and maintained by the TAMU-BWG, plus those made available by collaborators, is available for public use through the Vascular Plant Image Gallery. The system allows access by Family and a 'string query' option that returns image sets that match a specific word input by the user. The Herbarium Specimen Browser, includes specimen data representing over 130,000 specimens from seven FTC member institution collections.


Aggie Horticulture Home Gardening Information Index
Texas Horticulture On-line. Texas A&M the definitive source for horticulture and gardening information for Texas.

Hort Update Newsletter
Newsletter and Aggie updates on Texas horticulture.

Texas Superstar Plants
Tried and true plants for your Texan landscape. All tested and found fit for the Texas climate and soils. Try 'em out!

Neil Sperry On-line!!!
Everyone knows Neil Sperry.

Wild Seed Farms, Fredricksburg, TX.
We can blend a custom wildflower mixture to meet your specific needs. Please contact our trained staff to discuss your special requirements such as plant height, climatic conditions, soil types or bloom sequence.

Easyliving Native Perennial Wildflowers
Our site is for and about wildflower species native to the Midwest and Eastern U.S. We have native wildflowers seeds and information for planting and growing wildflowers around your home, in your field, or around your pond. These seeds are best suited if you live in the Midwestern United States, zones 3 to 9.

Maddog'n'Miracles (Photos - Texas Wildflowers)
Large gallery of Texas wildflower photos.

Nat'l Wildflower Research Center
Wildflower research and study.

Wildflowers in Texas
Student presentation of wildflower information in Texas.

Jack County Ranch Wildflowers
The 120+ wildflowers and other subjects in this website were photographed by Sue Irish on the Irish Double Trouble Ranch located in northeast Jack County, Texas. A tremendous effort and excellent photos!

Wildflower information from Texas A&M.

eNature - Wildflower Selection By Flower Shape
Select a type of wildflower shape, and find info on the wildflower. An eNature guide series presentation.

Oklahoma Wildflowers
Beautiful photos and presentation of floral resources of our nearest neighbor (with whom we share eco-regions) by Charles S. Lewallen.

Western Wetland Flora
Field Guide to Plant Species, Species List and Identification Key.

Recommended Book List for the Study of North Central Texas Plants
Bibliography from Native Plant Society.

Note: These books can be purchased from this web site.

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Botanical Resources

Texas Society for Ecological Restoration
Texas SER is the Texas chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, a nonprofit international organization committed to the repair and sustainable maintenance of ecosystems.

Project Learning Tree
Texas Chapter - Project Learning Tree
PLT is an award-winning, interdisciplinary environmental education program for educators working with students in pre-K through grade 12 sponsored by the American Forest Foundation

Native Plant Society of Texas
The Native Plant Society of Texas is a nonprofit organization with goals to educate, promote, conserve, and utilize native plants and their habitats.

Texas Native Plant and Seed Sources
Where to buy native plants and seed in Texas.

North Central Texas Native Plant Society of Texas
The Native Plant Society of Texas is a nonprofit organization with goals to educate, promote, conserve, and utilize native plants and their habitats in Texas.

Vascular Plants Checklist
This is a facility for performing full-text searches on the entries in A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas by Hatch, Gandhi, and Brown.

Texas Agrilife Bookstore


Bryophyte Flora of North America
Taxonomic treatments of the nearly 1900 species of North American bryophytes.

USDA Plants Database
The PLANTS Database is a single source of standardized information about plants.

Weed Science dot Com
The purpose of this survey is to monitor the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds and assess their impact throughout the world. Global collaboration between weed scientists make the survey and this web site possible. Includes photos, descriptions, and other invaluable information.

List of Selected Botanically Related Internet Addresses
Modified from an appendix in Shinners & Mahler's Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas; copyright 1999 BRIT and Austin College. Last updated 25 September 2001. This list is being updated regularly and a version will be published in the Illustrated Flora of East Texas.

The Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery is designed to assist botanists, ecologists, and natural resource managers with the identification of 600 species of vascular plants.

Internet Directory, Botany
Comprehensive collection of global botanical resources on the Internet.

Mycology Resources
There's a fungus among us.

WWW Virtual Library - Botany
Comprehensive library of Botanical information.

Flynn Bogs System
A Tour of the Flynn Bogs System, A Production of the Herbarium, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University (TAMU).

Yahoo! - Botany
The Yahoo site's major Botany link collection. Yahoo!!

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